Specialist Systems

We can design, manufacture and install bespoke storage and track systems to suit your requirements. These range from specialist cabinets, camera track systems and mobile bases for retractable equipment.
Items can be fabricated from a range of materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. To ensure the perfect finish we can paint, powder coat or anodize your items.

Storage Aspects - Specialist Systems - Custom SolutionsCustom Storage Solutions

If you can’t find any solution on our website to your storage requirements we can design, prototype and supply to your specification. Using the latest computer aided design (CAD) we can design based on a set of user requirements, fabricate a prototype and once the concept is proved supply any number of units. Please contact us with your requirements for further information.

Bespoke Cabinets

Storage Aspects - Specialist Systems - Custom CabinetsIf you need to store specific items in a secure cabinet we can design, prototype, manufacture and supply for your project. Our project managers will guide you through the process, taking in your user requirements and translating these into a tangible end product. Computer aided design (CAD) allows us to rapidly develop the design and when ready we can fabricate an initial unit for testing. Once the design is finalized we can then manufacture the desired number of units.

Our quality team ensure all items meet the user requirements prior to shipping. We can produce inspection reports including First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR).

Track Systems

Storage Aspects - Specialist Systems - Track System with Screwjack TableNeed a moving solution? Our track systems and mobile bases can mount any items requiring linear motion. Most commonly used for camera and optical solutions however these can be adapted to any specification. The mobile base can be customized to include additional storage units. We can also provide retractable or festoon power rails to the moving base to power any items on the track.

If you need vertical motion we can also design and supply lifting tables or screw jack tables to mount on top or use stand alone.

Please contact us for further information about Custom Storage Solutions.

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