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Train Bogie Splitter Jig

Train Bogie Splitter Jig

Our range of splitter jigs allow the safe splitting of train bogies during maintenance and inspection. The bogie is fully supported and one half runs on rollers with full guides, allowing the two halves to be split apart, then re-joined, as required, with ease and accuracy. Our designs allow for different types of bogies to be split using the same jig, thus saving space and time. The design also removes cumbersome perimeter bracing, thus allowing the engineers to gain easy and safe access to the components within the bogie.

The design also incorporates many safety features that enable fast and accurate work on the train bogies, saving maintenance time. Our splitter jigs are available to be used on a range of other engines, gearboxes and axles, all of which provide optimum handling of the component parts, in a safe environment.

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