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 Two Door / Compartment Lockers

Two Door / Compartment Lockers

Our two-door lockers available in a selection of colours and locks and are available in the  sizes as shown below. They are ideal where space is limited such as for use as staff lockers, cleaners lockers, security personnel lockers, clean room lockers and personnel lockers.

Sizes available:300mm W x 300mm D; 300mm W x 400m D; 300mm W x 450mm D; 300mm W x 500mm D; 300mm W x 550mm D; 300mm W x 600mm D, all 1800mm H

Available with sloping tops, these stop the accumulation of debris on the top.

We can supply these lockers with  choice of lock: key operated, digi lock, £1 return, padlock locks and  finger print operating locks 

Can be supplied in a wide range of colours.

400mm W x 450mm D, 400mm W x 500mm D; 400mm W x 550mm D; 400mm W x 600m D

450mm W x 450mm D, 450mm W x 500mm D; 450mm W x 550mm D; 450mm W x 600m D

All available in 1800mm H and sloping tops can be added if required.


Product codeSASU102027
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