Train Depot Storage

Working with numerous train franchises across the UK, we have years of experience in storing everything there is to store associated with trains and their maintenance. From bogies to traction motors, doors to window panes, pantographs to HVAC units down to the smallest nut and bolt we have a solution.

Certificate of Conformity

Storage Aspects - Train Depot Storage - Wheelset CradleAll equipment is supplied with a certificate of conformity and test certificate, thereby ensuring its strength and compliance with LOLER and PUWER regulations where applicable.

LOLER – Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

PUWER – Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

Wheelset Stillage 

Designed to allow the safe storage and handling of train wheel sets our cradles allow stacking up to three high. This therefore saves space. We can accommodate all types of rolling stock wheelsets and these can be lifted by forklift truck or overhead crane. 

Bogie stillage 

Storage Aspects - Train Depot Storage - Bogie StillageWe design and supply a range of stackable bogie carriers. These allow train bogies to be stacked and thus save space within the railway depot. The carriers are designed to be moved by either fork lift truck or overhead crane. We can design the bogie carriers to suit any rolling stock. 

Traction Motor stillage 

Additionally, we design and supply train traction motor stillages, as part of our Train Depot Storage solutions. Thus providing safe storage for the motor and cabling while allowing easy handling. The stillages can be stacked up to four high and are fitted with forklift fork pockets. This is to ensure they are lifted in the correct position. These stillages also have a guard rail around the motor’s cabling thereby providing protection during storage or transportation. 

HVAC Stillage 

We design and supply train HVAC stillages for all types of air conditioning units used on trains. This includes both cab and coach versions and their use allows safe and easy handling.  

Pantograph storage rack 

Storage Aspects - Train Depot - Pantograph StorageDesigned to allow the safe and secure storage of a range of pantographs, our rack stillages allow easy storage. They can be stacked four high, as shown in the photo and are supplied with forklift pockets to allow the correct lift. The design allows quick and safe fixing of the pantograph to the support stillage and the design allows for a range of sizes/types to be stored. 

Door storage rack 

We design and supply train door storage racks that allow the safe and non-damaging storage of all types of train doors. Available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements our train component storage racks maximise your available space whilst providing easy access and put away of the train doors.  

Train detonator cabinets 

Storage Aspects - Train Depot Storage - Train Detonator CabinetOur train detonator storage cabinets are designed for the safe storage of detonators used on the rail network and are a heavy-duty metal cabinet which is powder coated and has a key-operated locking door. 

Fluorescent tube rack 

Designed to provide safe storage for all types of fluorescent tubes, including LED, our racks allow easy storage and retrieval of the tubes. Whilst in the racks the tubes are stored within and protected by their outer cartons. We offer a range of depths, to suit all lengths of tubes. 

Container storage 

We are able to supply a range of containerised storage solutions to match your requirements. Ideal when space is a premium and externalised stores are required. All stores can be fitted with adjustable racking. A range of options exist for storage of flammables and hazardous items as well as thermally insulated and fire rated containers. 

Stores Racking and Shelving 

Our extensive range of train depot stores storage shelving allows the safe storage of train components of all types and makes. We can provide a range of drawer units for smaller items, or dividers to help keep everything organized. Drawer cabinets featuring 100% fully extendable drawers and loading up to 200kg per drawer also provide neat and organized storage of components. 

Electric powered tool trolleys 

Storage Aspects - Train Depot Storage - Electric Tool TrolleyOur range of electric trolleys provides the optimum method of moving tools around train depots. Each trolley can be designed around the type of tooling being used, along with storage cabinets for consumable items. 






Storage Aspects have years of experience in the train storage and stores and shelving associated with train depots.

Storage Aspects - Train Depot Storage - Traction Motor Stillage

Whilst many of the needs of stores shelving, and similar solutions for train depot storage, are unique and bespoke to each individual depot, there are a number of common themes. Please take a look or contact us to discuss your requirements.