SEMA Rack Inspections

It is important to ensure your racking is free of defects and damage to maintain ongoing safe and efficient operation. Our SEMA Rack Inspection service achieves this for you. The UK’s  Provision and Use of Working Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 includes pallet racking as work equipment, therefore you must maintain and inspect this on a regular basis. It is required that you carry out an expert racking inspection at least annually, but you may want to carry out at smaller intervals depending on your businesses requirements.

SEMA Approved Rack Inspections - SARI - Storage Aspects

Our SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARI) will carry out a detailed inspection of your racks, along with a comprehensive report on the condition of your racking or shelving. All SEMA rack inspection reports detail any recommendations in an easy-to-understand red/amber/green format, which prioritise what repairs or remedial actions are required. Any red or high priority items will be highlighted on the day of inspection as these need immediate attention, the first call of action is normally to offload the damaged racking. If repairs to the rack are needed, we can supply new components for all racking types or makes and carry out the repairs as required via our qualified team.

SEMA Rack Inspection for all types of Racking

We cover all types of racking including pallet racking, cantilever racking, longspan racking, shelving, roller racking and mobile shelving.

If you have specific insurance company requirements our team of approved SARI inspectors will ensure you are compliant for both inspections as well as all repairs.

Rack Repairs following SEMA Inspection

If the inspection reveals that repairs are required we will notify the relevant site contact prior to leaving site, especially important when there are items requiring immediate attention. We can supply replacement parts and carry out repairs to all makes and types of pallet racking, longspan or roller racking. This includes major suppliers such as Link51, Apex, Dexion, BITO and many more. Our professional and qualified team carefully work with your business to ensure the repairs are carried out safely, while minimising impact on your ongoing business. Where extensive repairs are required, we work closely with clients to plan and execute the repairs around your operations and stock movements.

Obvious damage or rack collapse? Please contact us asap for advice as we have experience with managing damaged pallet racking and collapse of pallet racking. A careful and detailed plan is normally required to remediate racking which is severely damaged  or has either partially or fully collapsed.

Damage Mitigation

The majority of rack damage is caused by manual handling equipment (MHE) or fork lift trucks (FLT) operating withing the warehouse or distribution center. Damage to pallet racking can be avoided by good training for operators of MHE and FLTs, correct layout of the pallet racking and good operational ways of working. Despite taking best precautions accidents can happen; we offer a range of strut protectors, end barriers, pedestrian barriers and mesh partitions to help protect the racking from damage and enhance staff safety. Installation of these protective items normally payback very quickly as the cost to repair the racking and associated business downtime far outweighs the small cost for the barriers (which are also easier and cheaper to replace if hit).

SEMA rack inspection by a qualified team

Our SEMA Racking Inspections team is SEMA qualified and operates on a national basis.

They conduct racking and storage condition assessments, reports and recommendations so that your premises can operate as a safe environment.

Have a question, query or requirement for a rack inspection? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise on inspection requirements, durations and availability.

What our Team provides

SEMA Rack Inspections, with detailed report containing recommendations in a format which is straightforward and easy to understand.

We can also supply new components to accomplish repairs, or whole racking systems to suit your requirements.

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