Scientific and Lab Storage

At Storage Aspects we have years of experience in designing and supplying all types of lab storage equipment. This covers both the scientific and laboratory sectors. From glassware to large instruments, vials to microscope slides and controlled substances, to gas cylinders we have a solution. All our items are fully customizable to meet your requirements so please contact our experience team for further information. 

Lab Vial Storage Cabinets

Storage Aspects - Lab Vial Storage Cabinet - Laboratory and Scientific Storage SolutionsWe can accommodate any type and size of laboratory vial, ampule or sample bottle in our vial storage systems. There are 2 main options: bench top sample racks (ideal for smaller quantities) or our drawer cabinets. The latter of which can be supplied with either plain drawers, dividers or perforated vial inserts.

All our perforated inserts are made to fit your vials, so they are held securely in neat rows for easy labelling and identification. Our drawer cabinets are heavy duty design. With large weight capacity and 100% extending drawers, this therefore means all samples are accessible with ease. Drawers are secured using a key lock. For extra security we can add an additional locking door to the front, if required.

Our cabinets are available in a range of sizes, colours and number of drawers; therefore we always have something to fit your requirements whether that is for 10 samples or over 10,000.

Lab Storage using Mobile Shelving

Storage Aspects - Lab Mobile Shelving - Scientific and Lab Storage SolutionsWe design and install a range of lab sample roller racking. These provide high-density compact storage for all types of laboratory samples and equipment. Ideal for storage of either incoming raw materials, intermediates, reagents, finished samples and/or glassware. Available in a range of sizes to suit all room sizes. Our lab mobile shelving provides the ideal solution for the storage in prep rooms or laboratory storage rooms.

We offer a range of storage solutions including pull out tray systems, standard steel shelving and stainless steel systems.

Lab Trolleys

Storage Aspects - Lab Trolley - Scientific and Laboratory Storage SolutionsOur Laboratory trolleys have been designed to allow maximum flexibility for lab storage. All the trolleys hold trays and baskets which can easily be moved between trolleys (or between our frames and trolleys) hence allowing fully adjustable storage throughout your entire lab.

The basic trolleys are available ready assembled with welded runners or flat-packed with adjustable runners – whichever you prefer. All trolleys are supplied with standard castors or you can select upgraded castors with brakes or antistatic properties.

Lab Storage for Flammables and Controlled Substances

COSHH regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), require that all hazardous substances are correctly identified, stored appropriately and that access is controlled. Our extensive range of heavy-duty storage cabinets are designed to offer a high degree of security and containment.

COSHH cabinets available in a range of sizes, include adjustable shelves, bottom fully welded bund and locking door(s). Supplied in yellow and with warning labels.

Flammables cabinets available in a range of sizes including fully welded base, adjustable shelves and locking door(s). Supplied in either yellow or red, along with warning labels.

For additional security or larger stores we can install a range of secure mesh partitioning. This can provide extra security for stored items within stores, laboratories and distribution centres. By storing the items within a locked cage, either with or without a roof, this adds another layer of protection. We can offer a range of door locking options including key, padlock and digi-lock.

Lab PPE and Consumables Stores

Our range of PPE and consumables storage cabinets work perfectly for holding small items. Available in a range of sizes, number of shelf levels and colour finishes we have an option to fit your workspace.

Our metal cabinets offer best value for simple storage solutions while our fitted range of cabinets can be designed to fit into your workspace, made to measure and with a range of options including glass fronts and locks.

Lab Gas Stores and Handling

Storage Aspects - Lab Gas Cylinder Cage - Scientific and Lab Storage SolutionsWe design our Lab Gas Cylinder Storage Shelters to fit the available space and to provide safe, secure storage for cylinders. The shelters have mesh fronts, ventilated sides and are secured by a choice of locks; we offer padlock, digi lock or key-operated lock.  This provides safe storage for common laboratory gases including Helium, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen.

Our range of lab gas cylinder racks allow the correct storage for a wide range of cylinder types and are designed to match the number of cylinders / gas type you need to store. The racks can accommodate either BOC or Air Liquide cylinders and provide easy manual handling of the cylinders, during storage and retrieval. All sizes accommodated including F, G, J and W cylinders.

Storage Aspects - Lab Gas Cylinder Storage - Scientific and Lab Storage SolutionsGas cylinders are heavy objects and therefore should be moved using appropriate manual handling equipment. We can supply gas cylinder trolleys for a variety of standard cylinder sizes to ensure correct manual handling when moving cylinders. Our trolleys are stable and easy to use; the drop-down locking bars hold the cylinder in position and the large wheels ensure the trolley is easy to move over even and uneven ground.