Service and Repair

Mobile Shelving Service & Roller Racking Repairs

Storage Aspects carry out Roller Racking Repairs and Service across a whole range of mobile shelving and roll-up racking systems. Whether you have bought through us or not, thereby offering the same level of service to ensure your systems operate efficiently and last for years to come.

Mobile shelving and roller racking falls under the Provision and Use of Equipment at Work Regulations (PUWER) and therefore should be regularly inspected and serviced to ensure its ongoing safe operation.


We can service all types and makes of mobile shelving / roller racking / roll up, no matter what age

Storage Aspects - Service and Repair - Mobile Shelving RepairsAll types and makes of mobile shelving systems can be accommodated. It really does not matter what age your system is, you will feel confident in the knowledge that we have supplied, installed and serviced almost every type of roll-up racking on the market.

Avoid Roller Racking Repairs with regular servicing

Being proactive with your maintenance scheduling and service plans ensures your roll-up racking systems continue operating at their best. Storage Aspects have been working in this field for over 30 years and have consequently built up a team of experienced personnel.

Experienced technicians

We have a team of experienced technicians who will carry out the servicing of mobile racking at your premises. With over 30 years in the storage industry, Storage Aspects is well placed to fulfil all of your roller racking maintenance needs.

Nationwide coverage

It doesn’t matter where you are located within the UK, our roller racking service team will travel to your site to carry out roller racking safety inspections, call outs for repairs, and regularly scheduled roller racking maintenance.

We hold spares for most makes and can supply as required

Whilst there are many brands, styles and types of roller racking on the market, we carry spares for most makes. As a result, this allows us to quickly supply your needs when faults or break downs occur.

Full system check

When carrying out a roller racking safety inspection we will ensure that a full system check is performed. This will consist the following for most systems:-

To check and lubricate drive assemblies as necessary: Moving parts of the drive assemblies will be subject to a check and lubricated if required, thereby keeping the system operating as it should be.

Check drive wheels are running smoothly: It is important that all of the drive wheels are operating smoothly and efficiently. These will be checked and any issues will be noted and actioned accordingly.

Check drive shafts and lubricate when necessary: Similarly, as with the drive wheels, we will check the shafts in the roller shelving and adjust or lubricate as necessary. All of these components work together and need to be kept in top shape if the system is to work effectively.

Check function of safety locks: Safety locks are a vital part of roller racking systems, accordingly, the function of these will be thoroughly checked. Thereby ensuring everything is in full working order for the safe and proper operation of your mobile racking.

Scrape tracks removing all debris accumulated in them: Over time, the tracks upon which the roll-up racking moves can become dirty or dusty. As a consequence, a build up of debris will stop the system moving smoothly. We will clean these tracks and runners and scrape off any accumulated debris, thereby returning your system to a smooth and effortless working condition.

Vacuum tracks and side grooves to ensure everything runs as it should: Any vacuumed tracks or side grooves will also be inspected and cleaned to keep everything operating as it was when the system was installed.

Overall inspection of system for any damage and/or issues: During the inspection, our technicians will identify any areas of concern. As a result, any damage found will be reported and recommendations given as to how to proceed. This includes identifying any roller racking repairs which may be needed.

Timescales – How long will it take?

Servicing and repairs to mobile shelving and roller rack systems typically take a day to complete and the work may be carried out during office hours or when it is convenient whether this in the evening or at weekends.

We provide a detailed report and works certificate on completion

A Service Report will be provided after the completion of the Mobile Racking safety inspection. This will detail the works carried out, and highlight any recommendations. We will also issue a PUWER works certificate. This supports your business safety and maintenance plan and can be used as evidence of compliance where required by insurers or HSE.

Normal working hours or evenings or weekends

Working together, we are able to ensure minimal downtime for your business. Our staff will be on hand within your working day, or outside of those hours. We can arrange evening or weekend working. Generally, we will agree this at the beginning of the project, thus we ensure that we do not compromise the working routines of your employees.

Roller Racking Repairs 

We can repair all types and makes of mobile shelving / roller racking / roll up, no matter what age

Storage Aspects - Service and Repair - Roller Racking MaintenanceWhether you purchased your roller racking from us or elsewhere, we offer all types of roller racking repair. The age of the racking should not present a problem either. For example, many of our customers have archives dating back decades and we will always manage to get you back on track with your mobile shelving repair requirements.


Emergency call outs for breakdowns

Whenever you need a repair due to breakdown, you can give us a call. We have technicians available who are multi-skilled in maintaining, repairing and ensuring your roller racking repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Detailed report and works certificate on completion of all Roller Racking Repairs

All repairs will come with a detailed report explaining what has been actioned, together with a works certificate for your records.