Roller Racking Relocation and removal

We provide roller racking relocation and removal for all types and makes of mobile shelving. Often known as roller racking or roll-ups, these types of storage and shelving give versatile spaces to store your valuable items and documents.

The services we can offer are not limited to reconfiguring your current system within the same space but also can be moved or extended into other parts of the same building. Additionally, we can move your equipment to other buildings on the same site, an adjacent site, or indeed elsewhere nationwide.

Minimising business downtime

We will work with you to ensure that the project can be carried out with minimal impact on your business. That may mean working outside of your normal working hours so as not to disrupt your staff working routines. Evening or weekend working can all be incorporated into the project schedule.

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Taking care of your stock

One of the headaches involved when carrying out relocation or changes to your Roll-Up racking or Mobile Shelving, is how to handle your current stock. By doing this on your behalf, you will save time and effort in removing items beforehand. We will ensure that we index/record the locations and put everything back in the same order in the new position.

Storage Aspects can also provide interim storage during the relocation project. This ensures that any files or items can be located during the move.

Turnkey project solutions

We will design, implement and manage the whole project for you, by taking away the hassle of multiple contractors. This approach ensures that each step of the way is handled by a single team. A turnkey solution saves you time and effort, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Modifications to Systems

When considering relocation of mobile shelving, it is often a good time to reconfigure or modify your layout for greater efficiency or effectiveness. Our experienced design team are on hand to help so that your existing solution can be reconfigured to fit in a different space, or additions can be planned to increase capacity as required.

Roller Racking Relocation, Removal and Responsible Disposal

For some projects, old equipment is no longer required or simply not suitable for the new location, and this needs to be removed. We can plan for removal and responsible disposal as part of the overall project.

System extensions and increased capacity

We can offer system extensions to increase the storage capacity of the system, matching your existing equipment wherever possible. Utilising our expertise to offer new and innovative storage solutions from our range of Mobile Shelving products.

Reduction of Mobile Shelving

When the need arises, perhaps due to changes in your business requirements and working methods, we can help with reducing the size of your existing mobile racking.

Often carried out as part of a larger relocation project, with responsible disposal included, our design team will take into account capacity forecasts, and produce an efficient solution within the project brief.

Alternatively, the reduction of mobile shelving capacity can be a stand alone project in its own right.

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Roller Racking Removal – Talk to the Experts

If you are planning a move or expansion of your Mobile Shelving or Roll-Up racking systems, then talk to us and we can go through the options available. In conclusion, with dedicated teams and over 30 years experience in the storage industry, we feel sure we can help.

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Talk to us early in your project when considering moving, relocating, expanding or wish to downsize your roller racking systems.

The team at Storage Aspects has a wide ranging experience across many sectors and industries. So you can rest assured in the knowledge that we will have seen similar setups and solved the problems along the way for our customers.

Starting with an initial discussion, taking note of timescale and budget constraints, we will develop a plan together. This ensures your changes are carried out seamlessly. Take away the hassle by letting our project manager arrange the schedule and timings for minimum dispruption.

When the time comes to relocate to bigger premises, move within your site or simply amalgamate departments, then we can provide solutions for roller racking relocation and removal.

What about Reduction rather than Roller Racking Removal?

Sometimes reduction in space is on the cards. Read more about what we can do to help.

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Often referred to as Mobile Shelving, Roller Racking is high density storage which can be moved or concertinaed together. This reduces the space required for the storage of documents, files or other items.

Typically saving up to 50% of the space required by conventional racking, this type of storage is used across many industries and sectors. Generally used for archives, it also lends itself to any situation where storage space is at a premium.

The terms Roll-Up, rolling storage, mobile racking and mobile shelving are frequently used interchangeably. Therefore, however you choose to describe your current storage solution, you can be sure we will understand what you need in the way of Roller Racking removal..