Pharmaceutical, Cleanroom & GMP Storage

We understand the high standards required to operate and maintain a pharmaceutical R&D or manufacturing facility and have developed our range of storage solutions specifically tailored to this. Our range of shelving, mobile shelving, pallet racking and other furniture is suited for use in GMP (good manufacturing practice) areas. Use of stainless steel provides a hygienic and easily cleanable surface, while also offering good strength for storage of even the largest of items.

We offer free consultation and design service so if you’re not sure exactly what you need, we can help.

Stainless steel shelving

Hygienic, easily cleanable and with shelf capacities up to 60kg UDL. Available in a range of widths and depths to suit your application.

Our shelves offer exceptional hygiene and ease of cleaning, with very useful maximum uniformly distributed weight capacities up to 60kg. Choose from a range of sizes tailored to suit your individual needs.

Stainless steel mobile shelving

Storage Aspects - Pharmaceutic al, GMP and Cleanroom - Pharma Roller RackingUtilising our stainless steel shelving we can mount each bay on a mobile base giving a far higher storage density and maximizing your space. Available in fully stainless steel construction and direct to floor tracks ensures full cleanability of the system.

Our stainless steel racking offers you the best in storage density and space efficiency. With its robust construction and track-based mobility, it ensures complete cleanability throughout your facility.

Stainless steel pallet racking

For larger items up to full size pallets we can supply and install stainless steel pallet racking. All pallet sizes catered for, including IBCs. Custom layouts available to suit your space. Mesh decking is an option for storage of smaller items on the pallet racking.

We offer full-scale pallet racking solutions of stainless steel construction — with installation services to match. We can accommodate all sizes of pallets, including large Industrial Bulk Containers, and provide custom layouts that perfectly fit your storage space. Moreover, should you wish to store smaller items on the pallet racking, mesh decking is available as an option.

GMP Storage – Benches, cupboards, cabinets and lockers

Storage Aspects - Pharmaceutic al, GMP and Cleanroom - Stainless Steel Cabinets - GMP StorageWe can supply the following room furniture all in stainless steel for Pharmaceutical GMP areas

  • Benches 
  • Cupboards 
  • Cabinets
  • Lockers 

If you have specific size or specification requirements we can manufacture bespoke items to fit your application.


We supply a range of trolleys, in varying sizes and tiers. We can fully customize each trolley to your application. This includes change parts trolleys or shadow boards.

Records relocation

Storage Aspects - Pharmaceutic al, GMP and Cleanroom - GMP Records RelocationOur highly trained team are experts in moving controlled records. We carefully map out your existing archives to ensure once the records are moved they are replaced in the same order, while also keeping a record of all moves so that any records can be found if in transit. Includes lab note books, batch manufacturing records, SOPs, quality documentation, test scripts, validation documents etc


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