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Storage Aspects specialise in design and supply of storage equipment for the healthcare sector. With years of experience, we are ideally placed to ensure your workplace is properly organised and productive. We cover all aspects including medical records, theatre stores, instrument stores, laboratories, HTM71 systems, pharmacy stores, GP surgeries, gas cylinders, goods-in areas, bulk stores, and many more.

Medical Records

Storage Aspects - Medical records storage - roll up shelving for the healthcare sector and hospital storageWe offer both static and mobile shelving for storage and retrieval of medical records or patient notes. All sizes and types of records can be catered for including Lloyd George style and A4 folders, being most common. Mobile shelving offers a significant advantage over static racking by increasing the storage density so more notes can be stored within the same floor space while giving easy access for picking and putting away. We design all our systems around your requirements and available space. Once we have an agreed design and capacity our trained installers will ensure everything is set up and ready to go – just add notes.

We can also offer various services for medical records shelving including:

  • servicing and repair of mobile shelving or roller racking
  • relocation of mobile shelving systems
  • relocation of medical records
  • dismantling of mobile shelving and/or disposal

Our trained team are experts in medical records relocation projects. This subsequently ensures that  all notes are accounted for throughout the move and can be accessed at any point if required. The notes are replaced on the shelves in the same order as they were removed. This means that you can pick straight away once in the new location.

HTM 71 Hospital Storage Solutions

Our HTM71 hospital storage cupboards can be fitted with baskets, trays or shelving; therefore creating a flexible answer to your storage needs. Glass doors enable the contents to be viewed whilst offering security and infection control.

Storage Aspects - Healthcare and Hospital Storage CupboardsThe units are available in a wide range of sizes, so call us now for more information. We have a choice of two types of plastic baskets and trays as well as two heights, all solid or open types.

Our HTM71 hospital catheter cupboards can be fitted with a range of pull-out catheter storage hooks, these are designed to allow the correct and easy storage of the catheters.


Theatre Stores

We can design and supply theatre storage solutions for both consumables and instrument wraps. Our mobile shelving or roller racking systems are hygienically designed using either stainless steel or chrome wire shelving to comply with infection control depending on application. Our team has years of experience with design and installation so please contact us for further information.

Pharmacy Stores

We cater for both bulk stores in major hospitals through to smaller local pharmacies. Our hospital pharmacy storage systems offer a practical and workable storage solution. Our shelving solutions and storage drawers are vital to ensuring that a dispensary runs smoothly and efficiently and can be supplied in a range of metal and timber solutions for every shape and size combination with either sloping or horizontal drawers which can be further subdivided. We can also supply dispensing tables.


Similar to Hospital Storage, we also offer a wide range of laboratory storage systems from roller racking through to benching and cupboards. We can cater for a wide range of items including glassware, reagents, equipment and general consumables.

We design and install all systems to your requirements.

Gas Cylinder Stores

Storage Aspects - Healthcare and Hospital Storage - Gas Cylinder StoresOur gas racks are designed to store cylinders safely while either in storage or use. We can supply gas cylinder racks for all types and sizes of cylinder including: E, F, HX, ZX, G, J and W. Our trained team will provide a layout design and capacity planning for larger stores as required.

For smaller cylinders such as ZA, AZ, CD, D, E and F we can supply smaller racks or cabinets. These neatly store the cylinders while note in use and can be combined with a lockable door to keep them secure. We offer a range of lock options including key, padlock and digi-locks.

We design, supply and install outside shelters for cylinders to match your stock requirements. Please speak to our team who can advise on sizing.

To assist with moving the cylinders we can supply trolleys suited to all cylinder sizes and numbers, including electric driven.

CQC Compliant Hospital Storage Cabinets

We supply compliant information governance storage systems that are fully CQC compliant, thereby ensuring confidentiality is maintained at all times. Our systems are designed for use in hospitals, health centers, medical centers, doctors’ surgeries and dentist surgeries. Available in a range of sizes to suit the available space.

Trolleys – a key part of the hospital storage solution

Trolleys are a key item of equipment for moving items around the hospital while reducing the need for manual handling. We can supply trolleys for all items and situations including: medical notes trolley, sprung base medical notes trolley, lockable pharmacy and controlled drugs trolley, catheter trolley, suture trolley and gas cylinder trolleys.

Also, all our trolleys can be electrified, using a powerful motor with excellent battery life. Supplied with simple controls, you move around your items with ease.

Storage Aspects - Healthcare and Hospital Storage - Electric Trolley
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Lloyd George Boxes

We supply a full range of Lloyd George medical records storage boxes and dental record envelope storage. We offer a selection of types; the popular budget plain white with handle as well as a heavy-duty option.

The box shown in the photo below is our very popular fold-up Lloyd George storage box, made specifically to store patient notes. These are sold in multiples of 50.

Available in a range of sizes which are all 105mm high x 135mm wide and are available in the following depths: 350mm/370mm/390mm/400mm.

Storage Aspects - Healthcare and Hospital Storage - Medical Records Storage Box - Lloyd George