Galleries, Museums and Libraries

We understand how important it is for galleries, museums and libraries to have effective storage solutions that protect and showcase their priceless art, artefacts and collections. That’s why we offer only the highest quality pull-out picture rack systems, display cabinets and library shelving to effectively manage those items with ease.

Gallery and Museum Storage Solutions

Collection Storage Drawers

Storage Aspects - Collection Storage Drawers - Gallery, Library and Museum StorageOur drawer storage units are ideal for storing small artefacts within museums and galleries. All our units can be designed to accommodate existing drawers or supplied new to your specification.

All our drawer units can be mounted on mobile bases and with locking doors. Maximising your storage space and providing the requirement security levels.


Picture Racking

Our art stowage racks for museum storage and art galleries are all individually designed to suit the available storage area. The steelwork is designed to accommodate the maximum size of the painting panel, maximising the overall collection space.

Our picture racks can also be used for art displays in exhibition galleries. We can accommodate all sizes of frames and the racking can be finished in a variety of colours to match the exhibitions theme.

Where space is limited we can mount the picture frames on mobile or rolling bases ensuring maximin storage density for the available space.

The racks are designed to store your art, drawings or photos in a safe and secure manner and are ideal for art galleries, collectors and museum storage. Available in a range of sizes.

Artefact Storage

Our range of art and artefact collection cabinets can be easily mounted onto mobile systems, thus allowing easy viewing without the need to open the doors. The dust sealing strips around each of the doors ensures minimum airflow, whilst the combination of full width or half-width shelves, trays and drawers ensures total flexibility.

Fabric, Clothing and Fashion Storage

We offer a wide range of fabric storage racks that are designed to maximise the available space and allow easy access to the collection. Items can be stored in rolls, or as complete garments.

Secure Gallery and Museum Storage

We can provide secure storage units for your collection, either through lockable cabinets and drawers or within one of our secure cages.

All secure cages can be supplied and installed to fit your requirements, including an option for a secure roof.

Library Shelving

Built-in book shelving

We design and install a range of built in book shelving that allows the maximum use of space. We design this shelving to provide safe storage and, of course, easy retrieval of books. 

Service and Repairs

Our qualified engineers are available for servicing and repairs to mobile shelving and roller rack systems. Above all, we usually get the job done within a day.

We understand that your schedule is important, so we offer flexible hours — whether it’s during your establishments opening hours or in the evening or on the weekend — to make sure these necessary tasks are completed efficiently.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority. After the work has been completed, you’ll receive a detailed report of what was involved. Additionally, a certificate of compliance from our certified team will be supplied. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that your system has received professional attention.

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At Storage Aspects, we offer a vast selection of heavy-duty steel drawer storage cabinets. Notably these provide secure containment for valuable artefacts. Our range includes cabinets on castors – engineered to withstand extended use in museum and gallery settings with ease. Whether you need frequent access or long-term storage, our customised solutions will help your collections stay safe.

Museum SEMA Inspections

We provide SEMA approved racking and shelving inspections for all types of shelving and roller racking or mobile shelving. Our scope of inspection  includes museums, art galleries and libraries.

Our SEMA SARI Approved Rack Inspectors carry out a detailed inspection. As a result, we will provide a comprehensive report on the condition of your racking or shelving, detailing any recommendations. If repairs to the rack are needed, we can supply new components and carry out the repairs as required.

Our rack inspection team is SEMA qualified and operates nationally.

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    Storage Aspects - Picture Racking - Galleries, Museums and Libraries
    Art Storage Racks

    Our custom-made art storage racks have been meticulously designed with museum and art gallery spaces in mind, to make the most of available storage area. The steel frame is built to fit paintings of any size so as to maximise collection space.

    When you need a place to show off your artwork at an exhibition or conference, our picture frames are the perfect choice. We’ll craft them according to whatever sizes you require and finish them in the colour that best ties into your theme.

    We understand that some spaces come with limitations. For this reason, we also offer mobile or wheeled bases for mounting pictures when space is tight. In addition, we will be ensuring optimum density for the room you have available.

    Ideal for galleries, collectors and museums alike, our racks guarantee safe and secure storage for your precious artwork, drawings or photographs. Variety of sizes offered.

    Storage Aspects - Fabric and Garment Storage - Gallery, Library and Museum Storage

    We’re here to help you make the most of your fabric, clothing and fashion storage! Our selection of racks are custom-designed to provide maximum storage space while still allowing easy access and retrieval. Whether you need to store materials in rolls or as finished garments, we’ve got you covered.