Distribution, Warehouse Racking and Stores

From small stores to National and International distribution centres our experienced and dedicated team will ensure your business objectives are met. At Storage Aspects our expertise in warehouse racking, storage and distribution projects makes us the ideal partner for your business’ project. We cover all elements of the project lifecycle, from initial concepts and capacity planning through to installation and handover. 

Pallet Racking

We design and install both standard and customized adjustable pallet racking solutions to fit any area with an aim to maximise storage space. Installing the right racking systems to suit a company’s requirements increases staff efficiency and productivity, while reducing initial upfront and ongoing costs. Employees are able to gain fast access to any goods more easily and safely as well as stock control being managed much more efficiently which means a business runs that much smoother.

Storage Aspects - Pallet Racking - Distribution, Warehouse and StoresOur team of highly skilled project managers will visit your business premises to carry out an initial on-site survey. They will take the time to assess your requirements and understand your business goals before advising on the right system to meet your needs. This includes your pallet numbers, size and weights plus the manual handling equipment to be used – either counterbalance fork lift, bendy truck or very narrow aisle (VNA) for example.

People and material movements are assessed to ensure the warehouse can operate safely, this can include use of anti-collapse mesh and pedestrian barriers to ensure segregation of people and equipment. For odd sized items or small components, timber decking can be provided, effectively giving a fully decked level for storage of items.

We will also make an assessment of the building and floor slab thereby ensuring that the pallet racking can be constructed safely, and the floor will take the imposed load of the system.

Installation of Warehouse Racking – The Process

Our installation team is formed of hand-picked, qualified and experienced technicians who will carry out the work to stringent guidelines ensuring all storage racking systems are erected securely which guarantees safety at all times when working around the racking systems. The work will be carried out with the minimum amount of disruption to the working environment. Subsequently, once the work is completed and the racking systems securely erected, they will be inspected. In this case, by a dedicated manager, who will be present from the outset of the project.

Safety Is Our Priority

We take great care when designing, planning and erecting racking systems therefore complying with all current Health and Safety regulations. Our installation guidelines are stringently adhered to at all times by our team of installers thereby ensuring the systems are secure and safe to work around.

Maintenance, Spares & Repairs

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, we offer a top service which ensures there’s a minimum amount of disruption to the workplace when any work is deemed necessary on a racking system whether it’s for maintenance or repairs. We can supply spares and repairs all makes and types of pallet racking.

Warehouse Racking – Call Out Service

Should any racking system be damaged in any way, we offer a Call Out service to all our customers which guarantees that necessary repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. As a result, we will minimise the disruption to the workplace.

Dismantle and Removal of Warehouse Racking

If you no longer need your pallet racking, or simply want it dismantled and stacked we can provide you with a number of options. Please contact the team today for more information.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We work to a very high standard every step of the way from the design stage right through to our after-sales service. We deliver efficient storage solutions to warehouses, shops, distribution centres and other working areas. Hence, guaranteeing storage space is used optimally at an affordable price.

Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is an effective solution to significantly increase available floor space while fully utilizing the height of the building. We design and install mezzanine floors within stores and warehouses to maximise your available space therefore allowing increased space for manufacturing or storage.

Storage Aspects - Mezzanine Floor - Distribution, Warehouse and StoresOur team of highly skilled project managers will visit your business premises to carry out an initial on-site survey. They will take the time to assess your requirements and understand your business goals before advising on the right floor to meet your needs. This includes size, weight loading, material movement and access. All floors are designed to your requirements and we provide structural design assurance for all installations. We can also include all M&E works such as power, data, lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm and sprinkler systems as required.

We ensure all designs and installations comply with building regulations and we work closely with our clients on any planning permission and building regulations approvals. Most clients prefer our turnkey project solutions where we manage the project from concept to completion, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our hand-picked, fully qualified and experienced team of installers will carry out the work to stringent guidelines, including all necessary precautions for working at height. Through careful planning we aim to minimise any disruption to your business during the installation phase. Safety is our priority and we provide a focus on planning and ongoing management to ensure we complete all works to the highest possible standard.

Repairs and Removal

We can carry out repairs to all mezzanine floors, whether through wear and tear or impact damage. If you no longer need your mezzanine, we can also offer a dismantle and removal service. If you need your existing racking and/or stock moved we can do this for you too. Similar to our installation service, all removal projects are carefully planned to ensure a safe work site, while working around your ongoing business operations.

Stores and Warehouse Racking and Shelving

We can supply and install all sizes of stores racking and shelving to meet your needs. Depending on your stock item sizes and weights we can advise accordingly and produce a design including assessments of capacity and material flow to ensure your business operates at maximum efficiency.

Warehouse Offices and Partitioning

Storage Aspects - warehouse Office - Distribution, Warehouse and StoresOur extensive range of warehouse offices and partitions provide a practicable and cost-effective solution for distribution centers, warehouses and stores environments. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements, with a choice of single or double skin walls, windows of various sizes, single, double or sliding doors. We can also insulate the ceiling and walls to reduce noise and heat loss.

A lay-in grid ceiling can also be installed to accommodate lighting, fire alarm and HVAC.

Roller Racking – Condensed Warehouse Racking Solution

Storage Aspects - Roller Racking - Distribution, Warehouse and StoresOur heavy duty roller racking is designed to accommodate any size and weight of items that can be stored in condensed manner. Roller racking or mobile shelving offers the highest storage density possible, this can free up precious floor space or enable you to store far higher quantities of items vs traditional racking and shelving.

We have extensive experience so if you have a requirement to store large items on mobile shelving, large items on roller racking then please call us.

Secure Storage Cage

Storage Aspects - Secure Storage Cage - Distribution, Warehouse and StoresIf security is an issue, or regulatory requirements mean you must store your stock securely, then our range of security cages can ensure that all goods are stored safe and secure. All cages can be supplied to fit any area and we also offer a range of options on doors, locks and roofs. Examples of cages include for basic security, quarantine areas or customs cages for bonded warehouses.


We can supply a full range of accessories and spares for your warehouse, including pedestrian barriers, warehouse racking guards and barriers, load notices, timber decking, anti-collapse mesh, guide rails, battery charging stations, pallet racking backstops and locking bars.