Pharma GMP Storage Solution

Storage Aspects - Change Part Storage

Storage Aspects have recently completed an installation to support a multinational pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO) with their tableting production line parts storage requirements. This focused around efficient space utilisation for storage of line changeover parts, covering multiple production suites, as well as dedicated parts trolleys for transport of parts to and from the tableting lines.

To make most efficient use of the available space a mobile shelving solution was developed to maximise the storage density within the production area. To ensure compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) the mobile shelving was designed with hygienic cleanability as a priority, along with a clear storage structure and labelling for segregation of parts. Use of roller racking enabled a 50% space saving vs a traditional static shelving solution.

The system was manufactured from 304 stainless steel, including shelving, mobile bases and the track system. Stainless steel shelving offers high levels of hygiene, is easy to clean and will not corrode or react with the parts stored on the system.

To ensure all areas of the room could be cleaned there are no static racks, all bases can be moved to expose the floor and therefore clean under every shelving base. The low profile stainless steel track further enhances cleanability, removes the need for an infill floor and with the flush installation design avoids generating any trip hazards or issues with pushing a trolley into the storage system when picking or putting away change parts. The installed system provided over 260 metres of linear storage space.

Custom Shelving for Large Parts

Further to the high density storage system we provided custom sized shelving units to store the rotary feeder parts. Each rotary feeder plate had a dedicated shelf level complete with rubber matting to avoid any damage to the parts when in storage. Every rubber mat was cut exactly to fit the shelf without the need for cutting or profiling on site.

Storage Aspects - Rotary Feeder Storage
Storage Aspects - Change Parts Trolley

Custom Change Parts Trolley

Custom gmp trolleys were designed and manufactured specifically for assisting he operators during a line changeover. Each trolley had a specifically designed shadow board to hold the change parts, therefore clearly organizing and identifying each part during the process. This also ensured that all parts were either installed correctly or removed, as missing items are easily identified due to the shadow board configuration.

Lightweight aluminium design, high cleanability and robust performance were all key characteristics of the trolley design. We also added a connection point for the small powered trolley to assist with movement of the trolleys while minimizing manual handling by the operators.

GMP Pallet Racking

Stainless steel pallet racking was provided for storage of bulk items, both palletized and individual boxed. Designed for storage of UK standard or Euro pallets within the rack, the addition of stainless steel mesh decking allowed boxed items to also be stored on the beam levels. Stainless steel pallet racking provides a hygienic solution for storage of plastic pallets and other bulk items within gmp and clean room environments.