Ambulance Station Storage – Make Ready Centre Case Study

Storage Aspects - Ambulance Station Storage - Make Ready Centre

At Storage Aspects we have a large range of experience designing and installing ambulance station storage solutions for all types of functions including make ready centers (MRC), logistic and distribution hubs, central stores, satellite and response post stores, maintenance depots plus call centres. Working closely with all emergency services we are able to supply solutions to all storage requirements on site, design and layout advice, project management, friendly support and hassle free installation.

We have carried out installations across the UK for a number of healthcare trusts, from small outposts to distribution hubs to large make ready centers. This includes SECAmb’s new make ready centres in Banstead and Medway. Storage solutions are available for all functions and we have tailored our designs using our vast experience of what is required by the end user. We’ve detailed out our solutions for ambulance station storage below using real life examples of installations we have completed.

All products can be fitted to existing ambulance stations or alternatively if you are planning on a new station, make ready centre or distribution hub we work closely with architects and principal contractors to plan the new design and bring your storage solutions to life.

Items can be ordered as supply only, or we can install onsite via our professional and qualified team. We are CHAS approved and fully insured for all works.

Make Ready Centre Storage

Make ready centres are designed to provide ambulance vehicle preparation by a team of specialists who are focused on cleaning, re-stocking and maintaining the ambulance fleet. This allows paramedics to spend more team attending to and treating patients. Design of make ready centre storage is important to ensure sufficient stock holding, stock management, easy and efficient picking and transfer to the ambulance. We offer a range of solutions for each task as shown below, plus many others including sluice rooms, PPE stores, battery charging stations and controlled drugs issuance.

Make Ready Storage Racks

Designed to store loose or boxed items and can be combined with our binning system for smaller items. The make ready storage rack is adjustable shelving system available in a range of sizes. Shown here is a make ready centre stock room using a combination of shelving, bins and dividers.

We can also provide a pouch storage rack offering high density storage in a small foot print.

Storage Aspects - Make-Ready Storage Rack
Storage Aspects - Ambulance Station Storage - Kitting Trolley

Make Ready Parts Bin Trolley

Once items are picked from the store our make ready parts bin trolley, complete with bins and dividers, allows easy and efficient transfer to the ambulance. Use of bins and dividers means all consumables are kept neatly organized. The trolley is also ideal for decanting items from the ambulance during deep cleaning, which can then be replaced once cleaning is complete.

Make Ready Workbench

Designed for making up kit bags, our make ready work bench is available in a range of sizes and can be combined with multiple accessories. Accessories include shelving levels above, lighting panel, power sockets, under bench storage (either shelf or lockable cabinet). We can also supply operator chairs.

Storage Aspects - Ambulance Station Storage - Make Ready Bench

Maintenance Areas and Heavy Duty Storage

Fleet maintenance is an integral part of the ambulance station, our heavy duty racking, cabinets, tyre rack and bunded storage solutions are ideal for storing vehicle parts, spares and consumables such as oil and fluids within maintenance areas.

Heavy Duty Rack

Tyre Rack

Oil and Fluid Storage

Staff and Personal Storage

Ambulance stations and call centres can employ large numbers of staff, depending on the size of the station. Personal lockers, changing rooms and storage areas are a key part of ensuring staff can perform their roles to the highest standard. We offer a full range of locker room solutions, all which can be tailored to match your requirements for number of staff and available space. Locker or changing rooms can be accessorized with changing benches, shoe storage racks and drying rails.

We have also provided solutions for locker rooms with heated floors, where lockers were required to be raised off the ground to allow the heating system to work efficiently.

Staff Locker Room

Staff Storage Trays

Call Centre Staff Lockers

Gas and Cylinder Storage

Compressed gases should be stored securely and in a well ventilated and dry environment within the ambulance station. We offer a range of gas cylinder storage solutions, all compatible with oxygen and entonox cylinders from BOC, Air Liquide or other brands. All cylinder sizes can be accommodated for within the cabinets, cages or shelters including CD, E, F, HX and J.

To reduce the risk of gas cylinder manual handling we supply a range of trolleys, suited to the size of cylinder that is to be moved.

Gas Cylinder Rack

Gas Cylinder Cabinet

Gas Cylinder Shelter

Storage Aspects - Ambulance Station Storage - Pallet Racking

Distribution Hub and Supply Centres

For bulk stores, distribution hubs and supply centres we can offer heavy duty storage solutions including pallet racking, longspan and shelving. Ideal for supporting the ambulance and emergency services supply chain. Bulk pallets can be safely stored in a condensed manner.

We also offer reconfiguration works, extensions and repairs for all types and makes of pallet racking.