HTM 71 Healthcare Storage

Storage Aspects - HTM71 Storage
Health Technical Memorandum 71, or HTM71, sets out the modular storage strategies for the healthcare sector.

Modular storage design allows efficient storage of equipment and consumables within the NHS, private hospitals, care homes, dental clinics, doctors & GP surgeries. The flexible and modular design of HTM71 ensures items are on hand where needed, can be easily moved using trays or baskets, transferred between storage areas using compatible trolleys, and provides a hygienic and sanitary work area.

Our extensive range of high quality HTM71 and HTM63 compliant storage equipment and furniture means you can ensure your healthcare environment is well organized while improving hygiene, safety and workflow.
Clear view doors enable stock checking at a glance, while our universally compatible tray system enable quick transfer of consumables between units.

Storage Aspects- HTM71 Hospital Storage

At Storage Aspects we offer a full design, supply, and installation service for HTM71 systems. We take time to understand your requirements and workflow, allowing us to design your healthcare environment with the appropriate solutions which work for you. Our professional fitting team operates at the highest level of detail to ensure all units are correctly fitted into your space. We have years of experience installing HTM71 and HTM63 systems, carefully managing the project to deliver your new storage area smoothly and efficiently. All HTM71 and HTM63 storage units are made in the UK.

We offer a full range of HTM71 compatible storage options, all of which are modular and can be combined as required to fit your space. All units can be supplied with sloping tops, clear or solid doors and variety of lock options.

Please contact us to discuss your healthcare storage area as we’d be happy to help.

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Storage Aspects - HTM71 Storage
HTM71 Cupboards

Laminated MDF carcass, fully edged and designed for easy cleaning. Range of sizes available, half height and full height, plus two depths depending on tray orientation. Sloping tops available as option to improve cleaning and stop unwanted storage on top.
Range of doors including solid, solid with vision panel or full polycarbonate see through door. Key locks available for doors for additional security.

Can also be supplied with standard shelves, all adjustable within the cupboard

Wall Mounted Cupboards

Laminated MDF carcass, fully edged and designed for easy cleaning. Sloping top available as option. Designed to be mounted direct to the wall leaving a clear space below for a worktop and available with either 1 or 2 additional internal shelves. Key locks available for doors for additional security.

Storage Aspects - HTM71 Storage
Storage Aspects- HTM71 Hospital Storage
Work Surfaces

Available in either 600 or 800mm deep options with rounded front edge. All HTM71 and HTM63 work surfaces can be combined with our half-height cupboards for storage underneath if required, or leave open for use as desk space. Rear upstand available as option.

HTM71 Trays and Dividers

Heavy duty HTM71 storage trays allow viewing of stored products and can be cleaned at high temperatures.

Dimensions 600mm x 400mm. We provide two different heights – either 100mm or 200mm. Trays can either be orientated as 600mm D or 400mm D into the storage cupboards, depending on desired layout.

All trays can be combined with 2 way dividers to help with organization of stored items. We can also provide labels.

Storage Aspects - HTM71 Storage
Storage Aspects - HTM71 Storage
HTM71 and HTM63 Accessories

We provide a range of additional accessories to suit your needs. These include shelf dividers, drawer insert dividers, labels and label holders, catheter hanging rails, tambour doors and range of locking options including key, padlock and digi-lock.

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